Thursday, November 20, 2014

GRACE newsletter

Dear Friends:

I cannot believe that it is the end of the year and we are leaving for the U.S. in just two days!  Time does go by fast.  I thought I would send one last newsletter before we leave to let you know what all has happened in just a short time.

In October a team came from Memphis to work on a second Home for Children that will be opening soon in Kenyi.  It is called Green Land Home for Children and was built by Memphis Conference and Abingdon District of Holston Conference.  Green Land is half the size of GRACE but, like GRACE, was designed to be actual homes where the children would live with a mama that is there 24/7. Memphis team bought furnishings for the houses and did many other things.  That included work at GRACE Home.  They very generously provided a frame for the swing set with plans to send the swings from the U.S.  However, so the children could play on them, they rigged up rope and a wooden bar.  Richard even taught them how to use the side bars to turn flips.  The children enjoyed them so much that within a week the rope had broken several times and been re-tied.

Fred was supposed to bring the swings back with him in November but due to weight couldn't bring them.  But the Knoxville team came to Fred's rescue and found a hardware store that carried some items that could be used for the swings.  So they hung four swings and the children immediately started swinging.  One mama was even spied swinging when she thought no one was looking. 

The children received letters from a Sunday School class at Christ UMC in Knoxville.  They decorated themselves with stickers, ate candy, and did some crafts.  I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves more - the adults or the children.

It was time for another child care training for the staff at GRACE.  With Green Land close to opening, the staff joined with GRACE for a three day training of Discipling and Disciplining our Children.  It was great to see the staff come together and work together to learn how to raise children in a Christian way.  We will be doing this annually.

I will take this opportunity (although early) to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.   As Paul said (paraphrased), I thank God for you every time I think about you.  May you be blessed with much joy and the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

GRACE and peace,

Libby Dearing